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Make Music Harvard Square / Fête de la Musique Volume 5

Come celebrate the Summer Solstice in Harvard Square with a French twist!  Enjoy Rock and Roll, Funk and Folk, throw in some Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, a few Standards, add some Classical, Pop, R&B, Rap, Soul, Alternative, and Goth,  mix in a little Blue Grass, World, Folk,  and Grunge, then get down and dance!   
The Harvard Square Business is gearing up to celebrate the summer solstice with the 5th Annual Make Music Harvard Square / Fête de la Musique.  On June 16th, the streets of Harvard Square become a free, live music festival featuring more than 70 musicians from across the USA and Canada playing on 11 different stages.  Festivities kick off at 2pm and come to a close at 10pm.
Make Music Harvard Square is inspired by the “Fête de la Musique” a street-music festival which started 28 years ago in Paris. The “Fête de la Musique” is now celebrated, under many names, in more than 300 cities in 108 countries, from London to Beijing to Buenos Aires. Harvard Square is proud to join in this worldwide celebration!  
A complete schedule of amazing local, regional and national talent follows. Highlights of the day will include a signature main stage in beautiful and historic Winthrop Park. 
Stop by the park between 3pm – 6pm to catch Canadian artists Pays D’Abondance (Land of Plenty).  From Témiscamingue Lake in Quebec to the Acadian shores, singer-songwriters, Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand offer you their original songs and well known traditional pieces from the Quebec and Acadian repertoire. Through their music and tales they share humorous and passionate stories about their history and heritage.  With spellbinding rhythms of the piano, the drums and the autoharp, the irresistible duo blends their voices and cultures for what will be an unforgettable performance.
Performance Schedule 
(Please note that this schedule will be added to; refer to for updates.)

Winthrop Park – (at the corner of JFK & Mount Auburn Streets)
2pm — Members of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra
3pm — Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand
4pm — Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand
5pm — Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand
6pm — Dalton & the Sheriffs
7pm — Plumerai
8pm — Shepley Metcalf 
9pm — April Peters 
The Pit – (located in the heart of the Square by the Out of
 Town News Kiosk) 
2pm – Rob Carlson
3pm – Steve Lacey 
4pm – The Big Lonesome 
5pm – Larry “Lak” Henderson 
6pm -  The Champs  
7pm – Mina 
8pm -  Sultans of Sax 
Forbes Plaza – (located in front of Au Bon Pain at 1360 Mass. Ave.)
2pm — Onetothree
3pm — Man Alive! 
4pm — Miss Geo 
5pm — Billy Wine 
6pm — Kid Mountain 
7pm — Peter Buzzelle 
8pm — Marissa Licata
Harvard Book Store –  (located at 1256 Mass. Ave.)
2pm — Daniel Casavant 
3pm — Justin Oppus
5pm — Orly 
6pm — Donny Landers 
7pm — Kim and Sharon 
8pm — Leanne Estabrook Soprano 
9pm — Abby Brown 
JFK Walkway – (Located near the Charles Hotel, One Bennett Street)  
2pm — Flash Jack Eppington
3pm — Opal Pluckett
4pm — Stephen Lee Rich
5pm — John Scott 
Deguglielmo Plaza – (Located in front of Crema Café at 27 Brattle Street )
2pm — Self Proclaimed Rockstars 
3pm — McAlister Drive
4pm — OldJack
5pm — Rationales 
6pm — Here We Just Dream
7pm — Miller’s English 
8pm — The Daydreamers
9pm — The Field Effect 
The Body Shop – (located at 1440 Mass. Ave.) 
2pm — Lyn Saga
3pm — Raven Blues
4pm — Jennings 
5pm — Oryn the Rebel and Dani Dragon 
6pm — Mei O’Hara
8pm — American Beauties 
Harvard COOP – (located at 1400 Mass. Ave.)
2pm — Eric Sommer
3pm — Randy Vera
4pm — Erik Howell
7pm — Ruby Rose Fox
8pm — Mike Rydock 
Palmer Street 
2pm — Mojoceratops
3pm — The Life Electric 
4pm — Closer Than We Appear 
5pm — No Soap Radio
6pm — Neptune’s Car
7pm — East Coast Avenue
8pm — Woodland Ave
9pm — The New Englanders 
Cambridge Center for Adult Education – (Located at 42 Brattle Street in the little yellow house.)
2pm — Christa Joy
3pm — Derek Teichert
4pm — Lydia Lucas
5pm — Honeymoon’s Over
6pm — Flute Fun 
7pm — Will McMillan 
8pm — Alexandra DiBacco
9pm — Billy Dodge 

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