Smart 911

Smart 911 is a Framingham based company, and they provide users with a secure online database to store and provide telecommunicators lifesaving information regarding residents, workers and facilities. Cambridge residents and workers can create a free online profile at, where they can input pictures, medical conditions, medical disability information, emergency contacts, pet information, and car and license plate information. The database is only available if the registered phone calls 911, so residents can be sure their information is protected from viewing.




Rave Facility

Smart 911 also provides a separate database for facilities, buildings and businesses who would like to provide information to the 911 telecommunicators. Rave Facility profiles can be created at, and may contain business emergency contact information, notes on residents, workers or visitors, evacuation plans, building plans, alarm company information and any other data you feel emergency responders should know about the building or business.







Rapid SOS

Rapid SOS is a New York based company, founded by MIT graduates. They created a cell phone app, that allows users to bypass the State Police transfer during an emergency call, routing the call to the local 911 center directly, if the caller calls using the Haven App. The app also gathers and transfers GPS location information to the call center, giving 911 telecommunicators the exact location of the caller. The app also allows for the input of personal descriptive information, medical conditions, medications, disabilities, and emergency contacts. The Haven App is free for Cambridge Residents and Workers for 10 years if you sign up by July, 2018.To download the app go to Apple App Store or Google Play