Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 06 all-day - January 05 all-day
What does it mean to be displaced from culture and home? What are the historical contexts for understanding our contemporary moment? How does an artist’s work and...
September 09, 12:00pm - January 17, 6:15pm
September 12 all-day - October 09 all-day
A 4-week celebration of oysters, with a special feature menu and a shell-shocking event.
September 14, 11:00pm - January 11, 11:45pm
The Suzuki Method, also known as the “Mother Tongue” approach, was developed by Shin’ichi Suzuki. Shin’ichi began playing the violin at age 17 and in his early 20’s, he moved to Germany to study with violinist Karl Klingler. His struggle to learn German...
September 15 all-day
Over the span of 90 years, banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller collected beetles from around the world, eventually building a personal collection of more than 150,000 specimens. In 2017, his longstanding support for ...
September 15 all-day
Anna Oppermann: Early Work
September 15, 2:00pm
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. All this time, the six wives of Henry VIII...
September 15, 5:00pm
Join us every Sunday at our Rooftop Bar, Over the Charles for Industry specials!
September 15, 8:00pm
Salsa-Son-Timba-Cumbia-Mambo-Cha Cha it's all happening here!
September 15, 8:00pm
Formed in 2003, The Hold Steady have released six albums, numerous singles and played over 1000 shows during the past 15 years. The Brooklyn-based band has performed in all 50 states in the USA, nearly every province in Canada and...
September 15, 8:00pm
Abiding by a love for adventure, Corner House finds purpose and solace in the beauty of earth and music. While clinging wholeheartedly to studied traditions, the Boston based band...