Othello at OBERON

Friday, January 18, 2019 7:30pm
Saturday, January 19, 2019 2:00pm 7:30pm
Sunday, January 20, 2019 2:00pm 7:30pm
Thursday, January 24, 2019 7:30pm
Friday, January 25, 2019 7:30pm
Saturday, January 26, 2019 2:00pm
Sunday, January 27, 2019 2:00pm
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 7:30pm
Saturday, February 2, 2019 7:30pm 2:00pm 7:30pm
Sunday, February 3, 2019 2:00pm
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 7:30pm
Wednesday, February 6, 2019 7:30pm
Thursday, February 7, 2019 7:30pm
Friday, February 8, 2019 7:30pm
Saturday, February 9, 2019 2:00pm 7:30pm


In Shakespeare’s most intimate tragedy, director Bill Rauch (All the Way, Fingersmith) explores society’s polarizing struggles with difference. Consumed by their bigotry and xenophobia, those who praised the Moorish general Othello for his military successes now reject his marriage to Desdemona. The newlyweds are determined to overcome this resentment, but Othello’s assignment in Cyprus draws them into the web of his lieutenant Iago, whose jealousy knows no bounds. A.R.T. brings the original company of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s acclaimed production to Cambridge.
This production contains strobe.

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