CGI Management Inc.

52 Brattle St. 1 Story St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
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Real Estate, Management

About Our Company

CGI Management, Inc. consists of real estate principals who handle real estate development, leasing, and management headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts. Under the direction of company principals Richard Cohen, Jerry Cohen, and Hal Garnick, the firm currently operates several commercial properties, including shopping centers and office buildings, in four different states: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. With extensive experience in the renovation and restoration of commercial properties, the firm is ready to bring its applied expertise to your project.

From project initiation to tenant occupancy and beyond, CGI Management provides the experienced professionals required at every phase of the development process to insure that milestones are achieved and a quality project produced. CGI Management and its consultants work closely with the individual communities in which buildings are located to obtain the required local and state permits and, to achieve a finished product that all can be proud of.