CYCLE Kids, Inc.

CYCLE Kids, Inc.
5 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

As part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative, CYCLE Kids is working to reduce childhood obesity by tapping into a child’s natural love for biking.  For the past seven years, CYCLE Kids has educated and inspired over 4,000 children and families to get outside and be more active.  The program teaches children and families the importance of exercising and being fit, along with making good nutrition choices.  

As a nation, we are raising the unhealthiest generation of children in the history of our country.

·       Today’s children have a life expectancy of three to five years less than that of their parents.

·       Health care costs are crippling our economy.

·       The security of our country is threatened as less young Americans are fit for military service.

Even with this knowledge, change is not happening fast enough.  

Recent studies from Columbia University and Harvard University cite that without drastic changes to our lifestyles, almost 50% of Americans will be obese by 2030.  US Health officials have termed obesity an epidemic.  Currently, 30% of the children in the US are overweight or obese.

Without programs like CYCLE Kids, we will continue to see the rate of childhood obesity rise. Educating children and their families is the foundation to changing the health of our society.

With the help of individuals and sponsors, we are making the CYCLE Kids logo synonymous with reducing childhood obesity and putting more children and families on a path to healthier living.

CYCLE Kids is making a difference. Children tell us they would rather be outside playing and riding their bikes than playing video games.  Unfortunately they don’t always have that choice.  CYCLE Kids is giving them that choice.

About CYCLE Kids:

CYCLE Kids, part of the Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” initiative, was founded in 2004 to address the health and emotional issues of today's overweight and under-active kids through bicycling and nutrition education.  The CYCLE Kids program is designed to encourage confidence and curiosity.  We strive to instill in children the knowledge to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  Our curriculum is taught to 4th and 5th grade students through physical education and literacy classes, and after school programs.  

Today we reach over 1,000 children each year in metro Boston and New York City, and have plans to implement programs in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago. 

“I think it’s a great program that can educate kids about their health in a funny way, because in general kids don’t listen to adults when they tell them to ‘eat this and don’t eat that’, well they listen to Cycle Kids; we all like to ride bikes. For me Cycle Kids is a Kids’ Friend.”

Anas, 5th grade Cambridge Student